10 Lessons From The Malaysian Women on The Amazing Race Asia Season 5

We chat with the two ex-beauty queens about their experience on the The Amazing Race Asia Season 5.

The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 publicity picture

Photo: AXN Asia

1. What made you audition for a part in The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 (TARA5)?

Lee Yvonne: “Chloe was the one who persuaded me to join the race, and I felt we could form a good partnership because of our relationship. The idea of doing all these fun and challenging activities – with the chance to travel as well – was very appealing to me.”

Chloe Chen: “I’ve been a fan of the show since I was in school, so when I found out that the show was back, I just had to audition!”

2. What’s the one thing you’ve learnt from your journey on TARA5?

Y: “Contrary to what we both thought I’m actually calmer than Chloe.”

C: “Yeah, I always thought myself as a calm and composed person, but I found out on the race that I absolutely lose my marbles under pressure! I suppose not having a temper and being calm are two very different things.”

3. What was it like being disconnected from the world for a month? Did you think you could do it?

Y: “It was actually quite liberating to not have a phone with me and I learnt to live in the moment. Initially, I didn’t know what to do with my hands, but soon I got used to it and found I had more time to myself after getting away from these distractions. It felt really good!”

C: “It was actually much easier than I thought. The idea was daunting at first, but you soon learn to live without it and to be honest, when I got my phone back, I really hesitated before turning it back on!”

4. What’s the one beauty advice you would give girls who are interested in a backpacking trip now that you’ve experienced TARA?

Y: “It’s important to apply moisturiser and body lotion to keep your skin hydrated.”

C: “Perm your eyelashes so you don’t need to carry an eyelash curler! Also, a good sunblock is essential.”

5. Was it hard to pack for the race?

Y: “It was very hard cos I’m the kind of person who travels with my whole house, and I love to look good wherever I go, but I had to consider that I would be running around with my backpack the whole time, and beauty products weigh the most, so I had to make some sacrifices.”

C: “I felt the same. It was really hard keeping the bag light whilst still having everything I needed with me. Yvonne and I actually came up with a system to share as much as we could. So we ended up sharing makeup, beauty products and even clothes!”

6. What’s the one thing viewers should look forward to this season?

Y: “The things that we say and do under pressure. And our Manglish!”

Yvonne (left) & Chloe (right) from The Amazing Race Asia 2016 posing together

Yvonne (left) & Chloe (right)

7. What is the one new thing you learnt about each other?

Y: “Chloe can outrun me when she’s chasing US$100,000 (RM400,000)!”

C: “Despite her super-tough façade, I learnt that Yvonne actually has more fears than she lets on!”

8. Here’s something we’re all dying to know: do you get toilet breaks during the race?

C: “If you do take a toilet break, it’s on your own time. So, seeing that every minute counts, we learnt to adapt, and make do in whatever situation we were in.”

Y: “You’ll be surprised at what you can do in the back of certain vehicles!”

9. Was the race anything like you’d imagined it to be?

Y: “I was mentally prepared to get down and dirty when I signed up for the show. Hence, being on TARA5 was almost exactly how I imagined it to be. What really surprised me were the measures we took to stay on top of the game and the things that came out of our mouths when we cracked under pressure!”

C: “It was kind of how I imagined it to be, but actually being on the race felt really surreal at times; I couldn’t believe it was actually happening! Being at the starting line waiting for the race to flag off I think was one of the most nerve-racking experiences of my life!”

10. What’s your advice for those considering entering the show next season?

Y: “Train with your partner while carrying a backpack, pack light, always read the clues properly and suck it up when luck is not on your side.”

C: “Just go for it! Don’t hesitate or wait for ‘the right time’ because I don’t think one can ever be truly ready for The Amazing Race Asia Season 5!”

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