10 Fantasy Novels To Read If You Were Disappointed At How Game Of Thrones Ended

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Well, it’s over.

Just like that, Game of Thrones, the biggest fantasy epic to grace our TV screens has come to an end. For many (myself included), all the hype surrounding the final season just did not deliver. Sloppy writing, questionable character development, and internal inconsistencies left fans in disbelief that this was how their favourite show ended. And let’s not even get started on that coffee cup.

If yesterday’s finale has left you feeling empty and unfulfilled, don’t worry. No matter which aspect of the series you loved, here are 10 fantasy reads that will more than fill the Game of Thrones sized hole in your heart.

If you wanted more strong heroines: Robin McKinley’s Damar series

Ask anyone what their highlight of Season 8 was, and chances are it’ll involve Arya. From feisty swordsmanship student to full-fledged assassin, Arya delivered some of the most gratifying moments of the show, making her one in a long line of strong female characters from fantasy. One of the most memorable of which is Robin McKinley’s Aerin, the awkward princess turned dragon-slaying legendary sword-wielding queen from her Damar series. For me, this is essential fantasy reading; it’s all the coming-of-age “Chosen One” fantasy narratives you’re familiar with, but turned on its head with smart but gritty physical realism and a decidedly feminist approach. To make things better, McKinley’s prose is fluid and lyrical, so glorious in its heroic moments that it makes you want to cheer and devastating at the same time in its depiction of trauma.

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