SK-II: Face The Wild With Lee Si Young

And so the extreme expedition continues! This time, SK-II partnered up with our favourite K-drama actress. 


This South Korean beauty is no stranger to the big screen with her successful career as an actress, but little do many know that Lee Si Young is a triple threat: besides being an actress and singer, she is also a boxer – though an amateur one, she sure knows how to pack a punch nonetheless! With her collaboration with SK-II: Face The Wild | Face The Camera, she puts her skin in an extreme environment (read: Indonesia’s active Ijen Volcano), just like Chiara Ferragni, to see how it would react and if it could withstand such close-proximity conditions. SK-II also went a step further by adding a photo shoot in the mix, which was shot by celebrity fashion photographer, Jesper McIlroy.


The fact that this was an ‘extreme’ expedition made me more excited. I enjoy hiking but  this is my first time doing it outside of Korea, which added to the anticipation. I was a little bit worried about doing a photo shoot immediately after a challenging trek but my concern was quickly overcome by my enthusiasm to explore the volcano.  – Lee Si Young 


Wonder how it turned out? Check out her experience here:



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