#changedestiny: Single, but not ‘leftovers’

SK-II helps these brave young Chinese ladies to deliver a powerful message about their single state.


In China, unmarried women over 25 are known as ‘sheng nu’ (leftover girls). They face immense pressure to marry from society and (especially from) their parents, who view their single state as a failure (on their part) to take care of the family’s reputation. As such, worried folks head to the ‘Marriage Market’, a public park where they can view ‘profiles’ of single men to marry their daughters off with.

However, several young women, fed up of being defined by their marital status, decide to partner up with SK-II by heading to the Marriage Market themselves, to deliver an important message to their prospecting parents (and to society).

To find out what they said, check out this video below (which has garnered over a million views to date)!

Written by: Debra Wong