You’re Going To Want These Sensitive Eyes-Friendly Mascaras!

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When you have sensitive eyes, you kind of think twice about wearing eye makeup. Right? Like you’re just asking yourself ‘which one would it be today watery or red eyes?’ Well, you don’t have to ask such question and wait for the result. Your eyes are extremely delicate and they can react pretty badly when exposed to foreign particles. If you just want something to make your eyes pop on a day-to-day basis, mascara is your BFF. Lucky for you girls with sensitive peepers, you don’t have to miss out on it. There are a lot of mascaras out there in the market offering a hypoallergenic mascara to give you irritated and allergen free results.

When choosing the suitable mascara for you, try to stay away from ones with fragrance. Also, mascaras that promise those va-va-voom lashes aren’t really suitable for those who have sensitive eyes cos it paints your lashes which result in dry and brittle lashes causing it to flake.

The best mascara to use is those organic ones or with a ‘tubing’ formula. Tubing basically means the product form ‘tubes’ around your lashes making it easier for removal later. Tubing mascara formula doesn’t flake as others would so you can bet your eyes will stay red free.

Tip: Don’t apply mascara too close to the lashline. Apply from the middle to avoid any residue seep into your sensitive eyes


Here are some of the best ones in the stores!

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