Your Fragile Skin Will Love The Burst Of Nutrients In The Belif Stress Shooter Cica Bomb Cream!

Say goodbye to irritation with this cream’s skin-soothing and moisturising ingredients.

If you’re prone to sensitivity and looking for something that can help soothe your irritated skin, then you may have come across the word cica. Made popular through K-beauty’s ‘skinnovations’, the ingredient has become a skincare trend that’s known to be the perfect match for sensitive skin.

Inspired by the Latin word cicatrix (meaning ‘scar’) and the medicinal herb it uses called centella asiatica, cica creams are antioxidant-rich, promotes healing and prevents inflammation all in one. Coupled with a few more moisturising and soothing ingredients, it becomes belif’s nutrient-explosive Stress Shooter Cica Bomb Cream.

Flare-ups and irritation begone!

The cream’s star ingredient Centella Asiatica (or tiger grass) is said to be a powerful healing herb as it’s known to be used by tigers to heal their battle wounds and possess great soothing effects.

The active ingredient madecassoside is often paired with Centella Asiatica and works very well to control redness, reduce itching and relieves skin sensitivity which makes this cream a great solution for troublesome skin!

Using the hydrating Napiers Aqua Formula supplied directly by the herbalist brand itself, the cream helps to deliver intensive yet lightweight moisture that improves skin elasticity.

Topping it off with Napiers Original Formula, which also happens to be belif’s signature blend of active ingredients, the formula carries anti-ageing, anti-trouble and skin soothing benefits

With a translucent pudding-like texture that absorbs right into the skin like a hydrating ampoule, the belif Stress Shooter Cica Bomb Cream has a pH level similar to healthy skin which helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier without leaving a sticky feeling on the skin.

Formulated for the most delicate skin type

When looking for a solution for sensitive, irritated skin, finding a product that’s safe for even the most fragile skin type is imperative. That’s why the belif Stress Shooter Cica Bomb Cream skips out on 10 harmful additives: mineral oil, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic fragrances, synthetic pigments, parabens, phenoxyethanol, benzophenone-3, benzyl alcohol, triethanolamine (TEA) and propylene glycol.

Not only that, to keep skin constantly moisturised, the formula infuses three different types of hyaluronic acids that drenches it from the inside.

The final step in your routine

For a clean and effortless application, the belif Stress Shooter Cica Bomb Cream uses a special dropper that easily dispenses the formula onto your fingers. To apply, squeeze out a pea-sized amount and gently massage into skin, focusing more on the problem-areas. Use it after your daily regime or before your belif Bomb Moisturisers to control the sensitivity.

Look out for the belif Stress Shooter Cica Bomb Cream at belif Mid Valley Megamall or online at THE FACE SHOP e-store and Zalora from August 2019 onwards.