You Won’t Believe What This Makeup Artist Used To Create This Gorgeous Lip Effect


Just when we thought we’ve seen all the unconventional (but creative) Instagram beauty trends,  we’re introduced to a new one. Enter toilet paper lip art!

Yes, toilet paper! We’re seeing the toilet paper we use in a whole new light, thanks to Gretta Agazzi, the professional makeup artiste responsible for this beautiful creation.

In an interview with, Gretta said that she was inspired to create this gorgeous effect in order to mimic the texture and feel of crinkly tissue paper.

“I often try to create lip arts focused on the concept of texture. This time I wanted to go for a kind of gift wrap effect,” she explained,  adding that this technique is used in special effects makeup.

So how did she do it?

To create this stunning look, she first cut the toilet paper to the shape of her lips and adhered it to her lips with lash glue. Once it’s glued, Gretta used a toothpick to create the wrinkled effect before coating it with Lime Crime’s Matte Valventines lipstick and iridescent Diamond Crushers lip toppers.

If you want to copy her artsy lippie look, Gretta suggest having a good set of steady hands and tons of patience!

Okay, we’re off to stock up on our toilet papers now.

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