Three Reasons Why You Should Wear Perfume

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On a scale of one to ten, how vital is your perfume when you’re getting ready to go out? To some, a spray of perfume is a nice, but unnecessary, topping. Others feel positively naked without at least a spritz.

If you’ve been trying to decide whether you should add a few bottles of perfume to your beauty routine, here are three convincing reasons for it.

1. It makes you confident

Recent research suggests that pheromones in your perfume may not be doing anything after all, but that doesn’t have much impact on how perfume can positively affect your love life.

So why do people have more romantic success when they’ve doused themselves with perfume? Perhaps believing that you’re wearing a love potion gives you a nice confidence boost, and it’s that extra confidence that’s really sexy! It’s a sexy, confidence-boosting self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

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