Why You Should Check The Expiry Of Your Makeup Products

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Take a look into your makeup bag and you can most certainly find at least one product that has been in your possession for years. Many of us are adamant about not throwing out old makeup products, especially if we’ve spent almost all our savings on them. After all, if a product smells and looks fine, there’s no reason to toss it into the bin… right?

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Before you defend your actions of hoarding and holding on to years-old makeup, understand that those precious beauty products do expire and continuous usage of out-of-date products can be detrimental to your skin’s health. Apart from serving as the perfect breeding ground for germs, the products can also harbour bacteria which can cause acne problems, skin parasites, infections and worse — loss of vision.

Even though makeup products can cost a bomb, it’s still not worth potentially getting an infection from a mascara you own since college time.

Here’s a guide on the life span of different types of makeup and the dangers expired makeup could do to your skin.

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