Why You Should Powder Your Lips Before Lipstick

Powder your lips? Really?

Well, why shouldn’t you? While the traditional way to use powder was to use it to set makeup, modern makeup artists like Wayne Goss have begun to use powder under makeup, to help enhance its finish and extend its wear time. Observe:

It’s a trick that works exceptionally well, and plenty of people have tried it with great results. With that in mind, the idea of powdering your lips doesn’t seem too bizarre now, does it?

I first saw this trick on a popular Korean beauty talkshow, Get It Beauty. In a segment about red lipstick, the makeup artist dabbed a light layer of translucent powder all over the lips, making sure to cover the edges of the lips as well.

By doing so, the powder absorbs any residual oil or moisture that could cause your lipstick to slip and slide. This technique works especially well with moist, creamy lipsticks that tend not to set well.

As a bonus, mattifying your lips this way also works as a primer of sorts, giving your lipstick something to cling to– which really allows the colour to stand out. When I tried it myself, it also seemed to help me get a really crisp, sharp line.

Please excuse the potato-quality photo.

Despite my terrible photo, you can see that my lip line is a lot crisper and precise on the powdered side! The colour’s a little more intense as well. I could even feel a slight difference as I swiped on my lipstick– it felt like it adhered a lot more solidly to my lips, and went on denser. The powder did feel slightly dry, but if you use a moist, creamy lipstick, the dryness goes away instantly. (I used a Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in a creme finish.)

I’m sold on this trick, and I’ll probably never skip powdering my lips again.

Check out the full video below for more lipstick tips: