Which Les Eaux De Chanel Scent Are You?

Every spritz takes you on a journey.


If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Chanel perfumes are iconic – from the airy and playful scents of the Chance range to the liberating and sensual aroma of Coco Mademoiselle – as is the story behind each of them. This season, the powerhouse launches three scents in a new collection, Les Eaux De Chanel, that takes you on a faraway journey following the path of Gabrielle Chanel and her favourite destinations. After giving them a try, we share the verdict of the fragrances that resonated most with these #TeamFEMALE members.

Paris – Deauville

The picturesque Deauville was a hit weekend destination amongst Parisians in the 19th century, and also Gabrielle’s favourite seaside town. It was there where she launched her first-ever clothing store and fashion collection. Teaming the green facets of basil with the sparkling top notes of Sicilian orange, this zesty, aromatic fragrance unleashes a naturally radiant freshness.

“Although the perfume is strong and musky at first spritz, once it mixes with my body’s scent and the heat from the outdoors, it dries down to a green, citrusy aroma that’s really sophisticated. Definitely a signature scent contender.” – Sarah, Beauty Editor

Paris – Biarritz

Another seaside town along France’s Basque coast, Biarritz is a high-society holiday destination where Gabrielle chose to open her next location at the Villa de Larralde that’s next to the casino, luxury hotels and beach. Inspired by the pure air and energy there, this perfume captures the spirit and freedom of this seaside town.

“It’s vibrant, fruity and I’ve been told that it leaves a refreshing trail of mandarin. I can see myself wearing this every day, for sure!”- Alya, Web Writer

Paris – Venise

When her legendary boyfriend Boy Capel died tragically in an accident, this city was where she found solace. Inspired by the exotic and enchanting city of contrasts, her time here rekindled her will to live.

“This scent is equal parts fresh and sensual. I love how the neroli in it brightens my senses but after an hour, it turns into a creamy and alluring scent of vanilla and tonka that I feel is incredibly seductive” – Rachel, Special Projects Writer

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