What’s Skincare Pilling? Here’s Why You Always Find Globs On Your Skin

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Talk about skincare with your friend and some of the most common topics that’ll be up for discussion are acne, facials and perhaps a few suggested beauty products. However, there’s another common skincare phenomenon that rarely gets much attention, and that’s product pilling.

If you use skincare products or wear makeup, you’ve most probably experienced it at least once. Yet, nobody seems to ever discuss it even though it’s a pretty common occurrence.

So what exactly is product pilling?

Rub your face or run a finger along your temples. If that action produces grimy balls of something, that’s product pilling. You may have noticed this happened in the past but passed it off as dry skin but truth is, the globs and flakes are actually unabsorbed products that are lying on the surface of your skin.

It can be very unappealing and gross but that doesn’t mean your skin is dirtier or greasier than anyone else’s. But it can get in the way of makeup application, and is a waste of skincare to boot. From the type of products you’re using to the way you layer your products, there are many reasons why your skin isn’t absorbing all the goodness you’re feeding it.

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