How To Wear The Right Perfume For Your Skin Type

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We’re all aware of the importance of picking the right skincare for your skin type, and the right clothes for your body shape, but have you ever thought about matching your fragrance to your skin type?

The type of skin you have on your face stays largely the same for the rest of your body. The larger pores and more active sebum glands that characterise oily skin are found on the body as well as the face. In the same way, dryness or sensitivity are rarely limited to just the face.

So when picking your signature scent, take your skin into consideration! Along with your diet, hormones, skin chemistry, microbiome, and body temperature, the type of skin you have also plays a big role in how a fragrance smells on you.

Here are our top tips picking and wearing the right scent for your skin type.


When it comes to wearing perfume, oily skin actually works in your favour! The natural oils produced by your body give the fragrance oils something to cling to, so you’ll find that your perfume tends to last longer and project more.

Fragrance experts recommend making the most of this with volatile citrus notes that usually don’t stick around for very long. The brightness and freshness of citrus and green notes also means your perfume won’t run the risk of turning into an overly cloying scent on your skin.  Besides that, apply your perfume with a light hand – a little goes a long way when your skin holds on to scent so well!

Our top picks:

The Body Shop White Musk L'Eau, RM99

Crisp pear and clean florals are blended with the iconic White Musk scent for a fresh spring scent.


Delicate citrus with juicy lychee and mango sparkle over a sweet but non-cloying base.

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