Wave goodbye to your dark spots with One by Kose Melanoshot Brightening Serum

Stress, extended hours of being under the sun and hormonal imbalance are some of the reasons why we develop dark spots and our skin ends up looking dull and dry. But let’s face it, in today’s world, it’s almost impossible for any of us to completely avoid these factors.

Lucky for you, to get rid of your dark spots, Kose has a solution that’s able to work wonders on your skin in no time. Presenting: ONE by Kose Melanoshot Brightening Serum. All you’ll need to do is apply two to three pumps of this product onto your skin in the morning and evening to be able to see a difference. What makes this one different from other products available in the market is the combination of ingredients that’s used to develop this serum. Not one but four active ingredients work together to get rid of dark spots and make your skin have a healthy, youthful glow once again.

Get to know the four heroes behind this product that makes it worth a try:

1. Chinese Quince extract

This helps suppress the activation of melanocyte, therefore reducing the signals to process the production of melanin in your skin. As a result, your epidermal cells are protected and the amount of melanin that it ends up receiving is lesser. In the long run, this helps to prevent the formation of spots on your skin.

2. Resveratrol

This antioxidant works wonders in preventing melanin production in your skin. When this happens, the existing spots on your skin appear lighter.

3. Meshimakobu extract

This is a type of fungus that has been used in Japan from back in the day to reduce the formation of dark spots. The main function of this ingredient is to reduce tyrosinase and prevent melanosomes from maturing. As a result, lesser melanosomes are produced by your skin cells.

4. Kojic acid

This brightening agent has one of the lowest molecular weights, allowing it to penetrate into your skin easily. Not only that, it’s also able to suppress melanin production in your skin instantly by capturing copper ions that activate tyrosinase in your skin cells.

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