Victoria Beckham’s Facialist Reveals Her Skincare Routine And It’s A Mix Of Luxe And Affordable Products

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Victoria Beckham is undoubtedly a major inspiration for many women out here – she’s a successful fashion designer, mother of four and currently working on her very first skincare line. Despite her extremely hectic daily schedule that includes, but is not limited to, working out, parenting and taking care of business duties, the former Spice Girl still manages to step out in perfect makeup and captivating outfits.

Photo: @victoriabeckham

But beyond that, we can’t stop gushing about her polished, glowy skin that is seemingly lit from within. Victoria has always been very open about her struggles with acne and scarring during her younger days, so it’s pretty intriguing to learn how she absolutely tackled the issue.

Of course, for Victoria Beckham, there’s no such thing as a lackadaisical approach to anything she does and that includes her skincare routine. Thanks to her facialist Melanie Grant, we’re finally blessed with Victoria’s full morning and evening skincare regime.

Although some products on the list are exclusive, there are definitely some Mrs B-approved beauty buys we can all get from online sites that ship to Malaysia.

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