Two-Steps To Achieve Pretty Plump Lips | #FemaleExpressBeauty

2015 was the year of lip fillers. Ever since Kylie Jenner got her lips makeover it became super popular even till this day.  But if you don’t want to go the extreme measures of having to go through the whole ordeal of needles and pain, an easy non-permanent alternative is to fake it with a little help with makeup. More specifically with gloss!

Glossy lips are totally in right now (we can thank Fenty beauty’s Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer for that) and it’s a quick and easy way to achieve that juicy lips effect. We know, some of you might shut the idea of having to apply gloss fully on the lips as you know you could end up in a sticky situation. But we’ve got a two-step tutorial where you only need the littlest amount at the strategic areas on the lips.

How To –

Step 1: Using a clear lip gloss or a tinted one, using the tip of the applicator, apply gloss to only high points of your lip (a.k.a your cupid’s bow) and the center edge of your bottom lip.

Step 2: With a clean finger, dab on the glossy area to soften the glossy effect for a less sticky finish.

Tip! To define your lips, even more, try the vermillion border effect.

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