Tips to Hide Your Uneven Skin Tone

Blotchiness, sallowness, dullness – they’re all skin traumas that may affect us. But fret not, because you can fake your way out of it to flawless skin!

In our teenage years, pimples and blackheads were probably our biggest beauty nightmares, and once in a while, they still return to haunt us (yay, that must mean we’re still young!). But after those years, we slowly start to worry about our skin ageing and having wrinkles pop up unexpectedly. It turns out that there is also one more sneaky sign: uneven skin tone. Yes, “Oh No!”

In fact, according to Clinique’s guiding dermatologist, Dr David Orentreich, it’s the first sign of ageing. He explained that skin complexion and tone can gradually shift, causing it to look different, lackluster and unhealthy. And you can thank (not really) factors such as environmental assault, sun damage and overall lifestyle for that. It may be difficult to notice these tonal shifts but you’ll definitely see the difference much later when you place pictures of yourself in your 20s, 30s and 40s side-by-side for comparison.

Of course, these complexion concerns differ according to ethnicity. For example, Caucasians would usually see sallow undertones with a red/blotchy complexion, whereas for us Asians, it’s usually dull or yellow undertones. So, how can you hide them? It’s as simple as ABC, or rather, more specifically, CC Cream. We especially love the Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream.

Photo: Before & After applying Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream

3 Reasons Why We ♥ It:


It corrects colour

Well, it was specially created for such dramatic skin affairs. Infused with their special dual-layered translucent lavender optics, it helps to neutralise skin’s complexion while brightening it. As a result, uneven tones are covered and your face has a healthy-looking glow.

It’s hydrating

And it’s oil-free, so if you’re worried that it’s not for oily skin, don’t be. Its light texture makes it great for any skin type, giving it a fluffy feel and finish while keeping it hydrated all day!

It gives UV protection

Sun exposure is one of the reasons why skin becomes dull, and because more often than not we forget to apply sunscreen, this is the perfect multi-tasking beauty product for us busy women on the go.

It all comes in one convenient tube, but if you’re unsure about the difference between the BB and CC Cream, we’ve got the breakdown for you right here.

The new Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream is now available at all Clinique counters at RM120/40ml with five different shades to choose from! 



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