Three Makeup Steps To Look Better In Photos

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Perfect lighting, all day every day, thanks to makeup.

Does this scenario feel familiar to you? After spending a not unsubstantial amount of time in the mirror, your makeup looks perfect and you’re feeling cute.

Time to commemorate the moment with a selfie.

You take out your phone, fire up the camera, and… oh dear!  The circles under your eyes are so much darker than you thought, your eyebrows are barely visible, and goodness, you could have sworn that all those craggy shadows on your face weren’t there just a second before.

What’s happened? Do you really look like that?

Relax, it’s not you. (You’re beautiful.) It’s your camera. As front-facing phone cameras ramp up the megapixel count, the less flattering your selfies become as the camera picks up every fine line, blemish, and imperfection. Hence the rise of beautifying filter apps and why some cameras even come with beautifying filters built in.

But it’s not just the camera’s high-definition lens exaggerating everything. What you see in real life isn’t what the camera sees, because of the way it processes light and shadows. A camera lens really picks up shadows, which is why professional photographers use light reflectors to bounce light back to banish harsh shadows for a more flattering shot. That’s also why beauty bloggers love ring lights.

If that all those devices sound a little too fiddly for you, don’t worry. You can mimic good lighting with a few strategic makeup steps! Thanks to these products, your skin will look perfect in selfies, no filters required.

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