James Corden Tries SK-II’s Iconic Facial Essence!

Chloe Grace Moretz and James Corden discuss skincare regimes using the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence in Bare Skin Chat

In case you haven’t heard, James Corden has teamed up with Chloe Grace Moretz for an exciting new series that is evolving the skincare conversation from glamorous ads to creating a real – and totally entertaining – human connection. Say hello to Bare Skin Chat!

The series takes place in the most unconventional setting (a bathroom!) with Chloe – who is no stranger to going bare-faced – and James, the ‘Carpool Karaoke’ extraordinaire from The Late Late Show with James Corden. The duo dives into the world of SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence, also known as the Pitera Essence, to prove why it’s the only facial essence you’ll need as well as beauty tips and secrets from Chloe herself!

In this week’s episode, titled “Take It All Off”, Chloe sheds light on her skincare regime for crystal clear skin using the Pitera™ Essence, which in turn gets James confused yet ever so eager to try it immediately. Go ahead and watch the episode to see his reaction – you’ll definitely be laughing out loud!

As Chloe explains that the essence is all you need, we can’t help but agree because we’ve tried it and we love it! Known as the Miracle Water around Asia, Facial Treatment Essence can really transform your skin, resulting in a crystal clear complexion. The secret lies in one unique strain of yeast exclujsive to SK-II. This discovery was made through a chance observation of how an old toji’s (master brewer) youthful-looking hands were a stark contrast to his wrinkled face. This led to the creation of SK-II’s signature ingredient – PITERA™.

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Does the facial treatment essence really work?

Often times the Facial Treatment Essence is thought to provide no changes despite the premium price point, but we beg to differ. The trick is to apply it religiously every morning and night (which we admittedly don’t always do) for a period of time before actually seeing results – and remember, every skin’s condition is different so it may take a while for some.

Do bear in mind that if you’re experiencing breakouts right after trying the Facial Treatment Essence, don’t throw it away just yet! Look into the situation as it could be a purge rather than your skin acting up. With all the natural ingredients included in the essence, it speeds up the process of clearing your skin. However, do consult a dermatologist should the problem persist.

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