This Estēe Lauder Overnight Concentrate Is The Treatment To Reset And Rescue Your Skin When It’s Stressed Out

Regain control of your skin from within.

Sleeping late, frequent travelling whether for work or leisure, or just exposing our skin to harsh environments are things we’re all guilty of doing – and sometimes we just can’t help it. No surprise why, our skin acts up with problems like irritation, dehydration and redness. But don’t worry as Estēe Lauder has just the remedy for these issues. Say hello to the new Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate.

The new skin strength: adaptability

Upgrade your skin’s adaptability to defend itself from countless irritants, seen and unseen.

From being exposed to UV rays and blue light, your skin is constantly bombarded by irritants around-the-clock. If you’re frequently seeing symptoms of irritated skin like tightness, flakiness, redness, dullness and more, that’s when it’s time to reset your skin and upgrade its adaptability to protect it from further damage.

What is skin adaptability?

When our skin is hit with environmental aggressors, its natural mechanisms respond quickly to reduce the damage. It’s very important that the natural protective barriers remain strong so that they’re able to combat the harmful elements we face daily.

Power of Intense Reset Concentrate

Suppress. Expedite. Defend.

Estēe Lauder’s new Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate features a formula infusing Chronolux S.O.S Technology which helps to upgrade skin adaptability through a holistic approach.

  • Suppress inflammation
    If you’re prone to inflammation, the formula is perfect for you as it helps to prevent inflammatory responses in the skin.
  • Expedite recovery
    The concentrate boosts skin recovery allowing it to clear out residual damage faster. This is essential when breaking the cycle of accumulated damage which can lead to further irritation.
  • Reset and defend
    Adding 15 times more concentrated* multi-molecular weight of HA (hyaluronic acid) complex, the mix helps to reset the skin’s adaptability with a stronger multi-defense system. Not only that, it’s loaded with potent antioxidants to fortify the system against environmental stressors.

The powerful ingredients

Patented, stabilized salicylic acid + resveratrol have been clinically proven to swiftly reduce the look and feel of skin irritation. Developed by Estēe Lauder, it works as a super soothing, anti-irritant ingredient.

The formula’s 15x concentrated* multi-molecular weight HA complex infuses four types of HA with specially-designed sizes to penetrate the different levels of the skin’s surface. This helps to strengthen the skin’s multi-defense system. On top of that, it’s got a unique HA molecular “honeycomb” network to amplify any repair activities while sealing moisture continuously.

*Vs. Current ANR serum

Reset to upgrade skin’s adaptability

Refined. Brightened. Clarity Restored.

  • Improves clarity and brightens complexion
    Hyaluronic acid infused in the formula also helps to plump and boost moisture and skin’s own natural HA levels to restore skin back to its healthy and radiant state.
  • Minimises pores and refines textures
    The concentrate’s skin renewing blend, including soy amino acids, encourages a gentle and natural cell turnover to smoothen the skin beneath while creating a poreless and refined texture.

See the result in:

✓ One hour
Irritation is reduced

✓ Three days
Clarity is restored

✓ One week
Texture is refined

✓ Four weeks
Pores are minimised

Upgrade your skin power

Maximize repair. Reset adaptability.

Power of Repair
The Advanced Night Repair is perfect for skin that’s always exposed to harmful environments as it helps to maximise the skin’s nightly regenerative power with its Synchronized Recovery Complex II Repair and restore it from the multiple daily assaults it faces.

Power of Adaptability
The new Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate, on the other hand, resets the skin to upgrade its adaptability to respond better and adapt dynamically to irritants in the future.

Using the Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate after your serum helps damaged skin repair itself quickly, stop inflammation and purify it altogether.

Here’s how you can apply the Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate!

The reset concentrate for every Asian woman

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