These are the American Beauty Brands We Need Right Now

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If you have a friend coming back from the States, now’s the time to beg them to bring back these US-only goodies for you!  It could be a case of wanting what we can’t have, but it always seems like the most interesting beauty products are the ones that won’t ship outside of the US.  Or with shipping rates so prohibitively expensive, they might as well not ship at all.

Here are some American brands we desperately want on our shores.

1. Glossier

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Glossier’s pared down, minimalist aesthetic is the stuff of dreams. We also really, really like their focus on enhancing rather than obscuring your natural beauty. (Their motto? Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always.) Their bestselling Boy Brow eyebrow pomade has achieved near cult status and we’re dying to try their Perfecting Skin Tint just because there’s nothing quite like it on the market. Slick marketing, sharp design sense, and innovative products make this a brand after our dear millenial hearts.

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