The Sexiest Colognes To Get For Your Man This Valentine’s Day

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From fresh and sporty to sensual and spicy, we list our favourite eight fragrances we think your man will love too!

Ask any woman what she looks for in a guy and the answers usually include characteristics like having a good sense of humour, being smart and charming and yes, that he should smell nice. After all, first impressions matter – and that includes how he smells.

Photo: Trung Do Bao on Unsplash

While we can’t help you with his personality traits or looks, we can help to ensure that he smells his best. So whether it’s the first date or the 520th date, we’ve got you covered with these eight sexy scents you can gift your man this Valentine’s Day.

To guide you through the most suitable scent for your man, we’ve tagged each of them with “smooch”, “shag” or “caress” in order for you to make a choice with ease.

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