The New Fragrance You’ll Be Smelling Everywhere – And Want To Own

Fragrance junkies, take note: the new Gucci EDP is designed for you to wear anywhere from the boardroom to a dinner date and even while out shopping at Fifth Avenue in New York City.


“Instantly in awe and in love” is how I’d summarise the new Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum after taking a whiff of it when a bottle was delivered to my hotel room in New York City recently.

Elegantly presented in a customised Gucci box with the iconic Herbarium design, it arrived along with a bouquet of fresh pink roses that complemented the powder-pink lacquered bottle of the fragrance perfectly. My next thought: it’s JUST the kind of thing that vintage lovers would be obsessed about!

Since Alessandro Michele took over the creative rein at Gucci in early 2015, we’ve seen the luxury Italian brand redefined in an unexpected but clearly successful way. Today, the self-proclaimed dreamer is ready to debut his first fragrance for the house, Bloom, a scent he developed together with master perfumer Alberto Morillas.


The launch party was unlike any other. It was a beautiful, chilly day in early May when I got ready for the exclusive fragrance reveal and Gucci Bloom Party after a shopping spree at Gucci’s Fifth Avenue store. Floral dress, kitten heels and effortless Gucci makeup? Check!

Together with other foreign media, we were whisked off to MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, one of the largest art institutions in the US (and the country’s first non-profit arts centre) dedicated solely to today’s most experimental and thought-provoking art – which didn’t come as a surprise, since Alessandro was playing host.

On a normal day, the courtyard of MoMA PS1 is a blank canvas – raw, basic and untouched. But for one night only, it was brought to life and transformed into a sweet-smelling, enchanting urban garden full of vintage sofas at every corner of the bright green grass carpet, lush blooms (100,000 of them including roses, peonies and jasmine alongside 300 plants), parrots in antique cages and then some. In the relaxed atmosphere, we enjoyed an array of delicious finger food and champagne while DJ Juliana Huxtable entertained us through the hours under a romantic gazebo.

As the evening sky took over, fairy lights lit up the space, and I noticed a number of notable personalities mingling in the crowd, decked in resplendent dresses and lounge suits, including Alessandro’s muses and the faces of the new fragrance; actress Dakota Johnson, actress and model Hari Nef and artist Petra Collins.

On the big screens and old-school TV sets that lined the stairs, the campaign film for Bloom played – over and over again – and I couldn’t help but be immersed in the golden moment. A little after 9pm, English electronic duo Goldfrapp took to the stage as a surprise performance that ended the night on a high note. Etched in my mind: Alessandro sure knows the kind of scent that would blow anyone away… and above all, he knows how to throw one hell of a magical, Instagram-worthy party!


As Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro champions freedom in expressing one’s attitude and individuality. Similarly, the first fragrance he’s developed wholly sticks to his creative vision and celebrates the authenticity, vitality and diversity of the women he designs for – and those that identify with his creative expressions.

“I wanted a rich white floral fragrance, a courageous scent that transports you to a vast garden filled with many flowers and plants, a bouquet of abundance. The garden is as beautiful as women are; colourful, wild and diverse, where there is everything. Gucci Bloom smells of this garden in order to travel to a place that isn’t there,” he says.

Like its name, the fragrance is created to unfold – and it does so beautifully. While a lot of perfumes in today’s market tend to smell “artificial”, as Alberto puts it, Bloom stands out with its authenticity and highly-concentrated natural ingredients that give off a new olfactory experience.


Fragrance aficionados would be able to guess the ingredients from a mile away – natural tuberose absolute from India interlaced with natural jasmine absolute.

However, what makes Bloom distinct is the use of notes of the rangoon creeper, a plant from South India – a first in perfume-making. The vine’s flowers are redolent with a slightly powdery feminine floral touch. All in all, Bloom is the kind of scent that’s hard to resist or ignore – whether you’re wearing it daily, on a day of leisure or even to a special occasion.


As for the flacon that stands out for its simplicity, in contrast to the complexity of the perfume, Alessandro says, “The bottle is not designed feminine to seduce men, but to keep the women who wear the perfume company. Its (vintage powder pink) colour and clean, slender lines make it appear retro and tender. And it comes in a lacquered glass that’s reminiscent of porcelain, a material that I love very much.”

That said, don’t be surprised to find the outer carton covered in the iconic Gucci Herbarium design. And if you consider yourself a fan of the fashion house, chances are, you’ll love wearing Bloom with any of the standout pieces from Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2017/18 Collection, ‘The Alchemist’s Garden’.

Before you head to the store, immerse yourself in the campaign film for the fragrance, shot by Glen Luchford and featuring Dakota Johnson, Hari Nef and Petra Collins – all dancing, strolling and rejoicing in being free and full of life.

They wear Gucci Bloom during the day in the city, and it changes the urban surrounding into an imaginary stroll in a magical English garden. Tea on a sidewalk flourishing with blooms, walking in an apartment overgrown with verdant plants and swimming at dusk in a lake entangled with shimmering flowers and reeds? We don’t see any reason for you not to want in on the blooming scent too!

Get a whiff of Bloom at Gucci KLCC, Pavilion and The Gardens from 16th August and major department stores and perfumeries from 4th September.


Photography: Gucci and Yang Mei Ling