The ‘I’m-Late’ Beauty Essentials to Have in Your Makeup Bag

Already late for work? Don’t have enough time to do your makeup at home? Have these 7 products in your makeup kit to save your time!


It’s 9.00am and you just woke up. You’re supposed to come in to work by 9am and you’ve got 10 minutes to get yourself ready and get out the door. But what about makeup? Let’s be honest we’ve had our fair share of episodes where we’re running late, and doing our makeup at home usually takes awhile. We suggest you prep for such situations and have a “I’m-late-for-work” makeup bag. They’re super handy for you to go and do some quick makeup in the loo and go about your office days as normal. Ps…please don’t do your makeup in the car, it’s dangerous! Get to your destination and do it there. You’ll be much safer and quicker!

Without further ado, here are 7 makeup essentials for those late mornings:


1. Cushion compact

You’ll need one of these . It provides a sufficient amount of coverage for your base. It’s super handy to carry and apply cos the pad and the product is there together – a two-in-one wonder. It usually comes with a mirror, so you can skip bringing a compact mirror and just use this one.

2. Contour stick

Add some definition and some colour to the skin with your contour kit. Just apply a stroke on the areas where your features are shadowed from the sun like the hollows of your cheeks and along both sides of your nose. Blend them in with your fingers. You can also apply it on your creases for some depth for that “I wasn’t late” look.

3. Eyebrow Marker

If you take a long time to do your brows, try and use an eyebrow marker instead. It’s super easy to use, just like using a regular marker pen. Fill in your brows and you’re good to go. Just remember to immediately wipe any mistakes cos they might leave a stain, and you don’t want that.

Extra tip: Throw in some coloured eyebrow gel to tame your brows and add more definition to them.

4. Eyeliner

You can skip this if you’re good without some eyeliner action but if you need it make sure to have one in your bag. Use a smudge proof eyeliner to avoid any colour transfer on your eyelid.

5. Mascara

Add volume to your lashes and apply one or two coats of mascara. Get them in waterproof and smudge proof so you don’t have to worry about any colour run downs.

6. Creme Lipstick

A definite no brainer product to have in your stash for some pop of colour to finish off your look. Pick a safe colour like rosy red or blush pink for a natural complexion. But you can also apply some colour on your cheeks by taking a bit of the product with your fingers and blend it on your cheek bones for a youthful touch.

7. Vaseline

This multi-purpose petroleum jelly can help you big time when you’re rushing for time. Use it to clean up any makeup mistakes or to moisturise your lips before applying any other lip product. Besides that, you can also swipe them on your cheekbones for a dewy look!


Here are some products to check out and add to your makeup bag:

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