The FEMALE Guide To Different Beauty Blender Shapes

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For beauty enthusiasts, a beautiful foundation base that matches the skin tone perfectly with a nice finish is truly a dream come true. And with the right tools, that doesn’t have to be just a dream!

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Of course, there’s no one beauty tool that triumphs when it comes to picking the best for applying foundation. Many of us have been using brushes and fingers that equally give good finishes, especially since they don’t absorb much product. But how versatile are brushes and fingers when it comes to reaching the nooks and crannies around your nose and under eyes?

Photo: taraghb from Pixabay

Enter the beauty blender. Not only do these nifty sponges allow you to build up layers of foundation without looking cakey or overwhelmed, but they can also help you achieve a sheer finish and fuller coverage by simply damping it with water or spritzing with some face mist.

For makeup beginners, choosing a beauty blender can be quite a task. The most common problem faced by many is which shape of beauty blender should they go for. From conical to egg-shaped, here’s a guide on how each shape functions.

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