The FEMALE Guide To: Choosing The Best Nail Shape According To Your Fingers

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Every woman loves getting her nails done and a visit to the nail parlour always calls for thorough research of what design and style you want to achieve from your manicure session. While a swipe of colour and a touch of glitter bring the nails to life, ask any manicurist what’s an important choice in every manicure and they’ll tell you it’s the nail shape.

Photo: rashid khreiss on Unsplash

Most of us focus on seeking the best illustration online to show our manicurist the design we desire but more often than not, we forget to consider how we want our nails to be shaped. Different shapes complement different colours and design, and it’s important to know that choosing the wrong shape can make your fingers look shorter than they are and defeat the purpose of the beautifying your hands.

There are many variations of nail shape available but the five classic and main shapes every woman should be familiar with are almond, oval, coffin, square and round. Now that you know the shape of your manicure holds such strong powers, we’ve curated a guide to help you choose the best nail shape for your fingers

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