The Beauty Writer’s Take On A New Overnight Mask for Firmer Skin

Yup, wake up to a youthful complexion.


Let’s be honest here: clear, supple, firm, youthful are a few adjectives we would like to use to describe our skin but sometimes we (I mean, me) tend to fall short. It may be the products that we’re using, environmental, stress or a combination of all three. Either way, it’s time to put an end to it. After my 25th birthday, I became a lot more critical of my complexion; nitpicking on fine lines that became more prominent especially around my nasolabial fold and in between my brows so when this mask landed on my desk, I researched its claims to see if it would help with my concerns.


Kiehl’s new mask harnesses nature’s gift for firmer complexion – ginger leaf and hibiscus that effectively reduces the signs of ageing by providing immediate tightening effect giving you smoother looking skin while you get your beauty sleep. These claims definitely intrigued me to try it out!

Initially, I was a little confused as to how this mask would fit into my routine cos of its jelly texture. After much trial and error, I’ve found a way that works which is to substitute my moisturiser with this and give myself a facial massage to stimulate blood circulation. After double cleansing (cos I wear loads of makeup EVERYDAY) and toning, I’d pat in a hydrating essence to recharge my skin followed by either a brightening or hydrating serum (depending on how my skin looks at the end of the day). Then, gently pat in an eye cream with my ring finger to add moisture back after the layers of concealer and powder I packed on in my morning routine. Now, for the star of the show; I apply a thick layer of this mask focusing on my jawline, cheeks, and smile lines. It’s has a cooling effect once it touches my skin and the velvety texture makes it comfortable unlike some mask which makes your skin feel greasy plus it didn’t stain my pillow case! The verdict? Brighter, supple skin!

Here’s a video on how to use this mask:


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