Static Nails’ Reusable Pop-On Nails Is The Easiest Manicure You’ll Need For Beautiful Set Of Nails

Who doesn’t love beautifully shaped and painted nails?

Getting our nails done can be a relaxing and pampering session to reward ourselves with after a stressful period of life. While not all of us are blessed with long, beautiful nails, there’s nothing a good manicure can’t achieve!

Acrylics have become popular among women who wish for natural-looking, long nails, and most of us would prefer gel polishes over regular polishes since they’re stronger and retain their shiny finish better – but they can be extremely harmful to our nails.

Whether you want to skip the nail salon for a quick do-it-yourself manicure, give your nails a break from harmful gels and acrylics, tired of one-off artificial nails or simply need a last minute gorgeous tips for an event, artificial nails are a good alternative to try. But how practical is it to rely on artificial nails that can only be used once?

Created by Alexis Irene during her college time, Static Nails reusable pop-on nails boast a long-wearing period of up to 18 days compared to regular artificial nails. The best part: Static Nails are specifically designed to be used over and over again, and they can be reapplied up to six times! Apart from that, wearers can also determine the wear time easily based on the amount of glue applied.

Speaking with Forbes, Alexis said, “Finding a really talented manicurist is hard to come by, and getting your nails done was time-consuming, smelled bad, was damaging to your nails and cost a ton. As a result of all this time, money and effort, your polish would smudge then chip two days later, or you’d be paying megabucks to damage your natural nails to maintain gels and acrylics. Static’s Reusable Pop-On Nails give everyone all over the world access to luxury, on-trend nail art for a fraction of the money and time spent in salons.”

According to the website, the nails do not come off easily in water even if you’re a hair stylist and the best way to remove them is by soaking your fingers in the hottest water you can comfortably withstand for a few minutes until the glue softens.

Whether you’re looking for a classic design, dramatic finish or instant French manicure, the brand has it all. Apart from painted nail appliqués, the brand also sells unpainted create-your-own manicure so that wearers can create their own designs from scratch.

If you’ve had experience breaking your artificial nails just by attempting to scrub your hair or wash the dishes, the brand also promises strong durability for their products that allow wearers to garden, do laundry, change a tire, style hair, shower and more. This might be a manicure with the lowest maintenance ever!

Static Nails ships worldwide.

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