How To Soothe Inflamed Skin After A Laser Treatment?

If your skin troubles aren’t quitting, why should you? Don’t give up just yet cos FEMALE’s Beauty Editor has got your back!

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“I was recently introduced to laser treatments for my pigmentation. While I love how the results turned out, I have to endure days of raw and inflamed skin prior to it. Is there anything you’d recommend?” – Yazmin Alif, 32, Advertising Executive

A: It’s perfectly normal for your skin to feel that way after a laser treatment; after all, no pain, no gain! that being said, there are several ways to help you get through it such as sleeping on an extra pillow to reduce swelling, using ice packs and when the inflammation is particularly unbearable, avoiding makeup for a week and most importantly, wearing sunscreen as your skin is exceptionally delicate at that time.

Payot Beauty Trainer Amanda Wong recommends this balm that works wonders to soothe the skin. Thanks to its star ingredient Centella Asiatica, its formula provides an immediate feeling of comfort and minimises scars. Wear it twice a day over your whole face or on the surgery area after your serum so your skin will feel at ease the whole day.

Payot Techni Liss Cica Expert Soothing And Restructuring Care, RM198

Taken from the print issue. Text by Sarah Hani Jamil.

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