Solve Your Mum’s Hair Stress With Panasonic’s All-New 1800W Nanoe™ & Double Mineral Hair Dryer Today!

When was the last you did something that made your mum smile from cheek to cheek?

Nothing stresses a woman more than having a bad hair day, and just as the saying goes, life’s too short to have boring hair. We at FEMALE reckon that it’s time for you to treat your mum by surprising her with the Panasonic 1800W Nanoe™ & Double Mineral Hair Dryer (EH-NA98RP655) hair dryer this Mother’s Day.

As women, it’s always nice to look as good as a celebrity when we step out of the house in the morning but of course, no matter how much we try to tame our tresses, it’s impossible at times. And one of the main reasons this happens is because we’re using the wrong type of hair dryer.

Here’s why we’re in love with the EH-NA98RP655 hair dryer:

Panasonic 1800W Nanoe™ & Double Mineral Hair Dryer (EH-NA98RP655)

Price: RM899

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You’ll definitely get that smooth, shiny and straight hair you covet

The reason your hair turns out looking frizzier than usual after blow drying it is because the air temperature of your current dryer isn’t managed well. With the EH-NA98RP655, you don’t have to worry about this because the device automatically switches the air flow between hot and cold when it’s in use. At the start of the process, the use of hot air not only helps to dry your hair but also breaks the hydrogen bonds in the hair. This is needed as it prevents your hair from becoming frizzy and ensures that it remains straight. Towards the end of the process, the air flow changes to become cold which will lock in the hydrogen bonds once again, giving you that smooth and shiny hair you aimed to leave the house with.

It protects your hair, scalp and skin!

Designed in a way where the product comes with two built-in electrodes that produce mineral ions, you can rest assured that with the EH-NA98RP655, your hair, skin and scalp are well taken care of. The double dose of mineral ions produced not only boosts the resistance of your hair but also retains the moisture of your scalp (that relieves dryness) and moisturises your skin as well. How cool is that?

It isn’t impossible to blow dry your hair in five minutes

Unlike conventional hair dryers that use only one type of air flow, the EH-NA98RP655 comes with two – soft and strong – at the same time. As a result, the strands are separated and this makes it easier for your hair to dry faster. The best part? Your mum will not have to worry about rushing to dry her hair anymore, especially when she’s running late for an appointment!

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