The Most Affordable Way To Get Tamer, Fuller Brows… Is A Bar Of Soap?


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Out of brow gels? Head to your bathroom and use a bar of soap instead. We stumbled upon this video by Youtuber and Beauty Guru, Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo brushing soap residues on her brows and the result was amazing!

This method is apparently a very popular Old Hollywood trick used to tame and give the illusion of a fuller brows. You can put your glue sticks and brow gels aside and try out this money saving hack for the ultimate brow experience. It’s super simple to do you can honestly do this in a jiffy. All you need is a translucent bar of soap, a clean spoolie, water and brow pomade or pencil (optional).

You want to put the spoolie under running water, and rub it on the soap to create tiny foams. Then brush your brows upwards with it. You’ll see that the hair stays up and perky and it’ll stay that way throughout the day. And you’re basically done!

If you’re not blessed with thick brows (like me) you can go in with a brow pomade or pencil and create tiny strokes of ‘hair’ to fill in those sparse areas. Just let the brows set and dry properly before going in otherwise you’ll end up with a mess! You can shape your brows however you want but we personally love the feathered editorial look.

We can’t wait to try it out!



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