SK-II Unveils Their New Change Destiny Limited Edition Bottles

SK-II’s new Change Destiny statement bottle rejoices in your journey of defining your life. Which one speaks to you the most? #YourStatementYourBottle

Photography: SK-II

Change is always a challenging process to go through whether be it a new job, a new lifestyle or even breaking away from tradition with the expectation of conforming to society’s expectation. However, when realising that your life is only for you to live the way you want to, the journey is liberating.

SK-II’s “Your Statement, Your Bottle” celebrates women who are defining their lives on their own terms with the launch of their limited edition Change Destiny bottle, which, unlike their usual iconic frosted one, has its own unique statement in three bold designs that personally resonates with everyone.

The phrases – “Be the Person You DECIDE to Be”, “CHANGE is in All of Us” and “DESTINY is a Matter of Choice”, act as inspiring mantras that help begin our day with empowerment and are liberally written across the vial so vibrantly – as if painted on, with blue to pink and orange hues.

Photography: SK-II

Collaborating with SK-II to debut the limited edition packaging are Chinese singer-songwriter Dou Jing Tong, K-Pop star Choi Soo Young from Girl’s Generation (SNSD) and top Japanese actress Haruka Ayase, who are starring in a statement film to realize the #ChangeDestiny attitude.

Photography: SK-II

There was a time when I felt lost about what I wanted to achieve and the vision of who I should be. But I put my heart into every opportunity and realized that I really enjoyed all forms of acting. I feel if I continue to do my best in what I feel is intuitively right for me, my dream will come true. – Haruka Ayase speaking on her chosen statement, “DESTINY is a Matter of Choice”

Just as how these pop culture queens are celebrating their individual choices with their own mantras, SK-II wants every woman to proclaim their statement with phrases that represents and embodies their personalities the best with the hashtag #YourStatementYourBottle on social media.

See how the ladies express their statements:

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