All The Products That Saved My Skin From Tokyo’s Winter Air

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Winter is in full swing! As temperatures reach their coldest, if you’re planning a ski trip or a romantic winter holiday, make sure you take care of your skin!

Few things beat a winter holiday! The opportunity to break out your cutest sweaters and finally put your boots to good use, snuggling up with a hot chocolate, and other winter pleasures are all well and good. But there’s also a downside, as I learned while preparing for my trip to Tokyo back in December last year– cold weather and dry skin do not play well together.

A snapshot from Tokyo!

As a perpetually dry-skinned person whose skin starts to desiccate after just a few hours in an air-conditioned office, I was understandably nervous about how my skin would hold up against Tokyo’s winter air. Bad memories of flake-y and uncomfortably dry skin from my time studying in Melbourne’s far less harsh winters came flooding back. But thankfully, years of skincare experimentation and research had prepared me for winter this time.

To truly protect your skin against cold and dry winter air, your skincare has to be: 1) intensely moisturising, 2) repairing, and 3) able to seal in moisture against the dry air and wind.  With that in mind, here are the 9 products that saved my skin in the winter and left it looking even better than it does at home!

1. Toner: Olive Real Skin EX

Innisfree’s Real Olive range made up the bulk up of my skincare routine in Tokyo! The range is enriched with extra virgin olive oil, vitamin E and squalane: a skincare combo that’s restorative and moisturising, exactly what I needed for my trip. As the first step in my routine after cleansing, this deeply hydrating toner instantly replenished the moisture in my skin.

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