Skin Regimen Wants To Be The Skincare System For Stressed Out Modern Life

Stress happens to everyone but having no chill about it can negatively impact the way your skin behaves.

With modern life comes modern hazards. Enter Skin Regimen, a modern skincare system for today’s city-dwellers, designed to reduce the often stressful effects  of hectic urban life. As its name suggests, the range of unisex botanical-rich products can be mixed and matched in a four-step custom regimen.

At Skin Regimen’s Malaysian launch, I spoke to Brian Brazeau, General Manager of the brand to find out more about how stress affects your skin and  how skincare can help!

FEMALE: Why did you choose Malaysia as the first Asian location for the launch?

Brian: “Kuala Lumpur is truly a modern market, a city that has a healthy urban lifestyle. Even though there’s pollution, people are health conscious here, and looking for products like ours. It’s important for the brand to have integrity, so I took the time to make the right educated and informed decisions. I work with a team of researchers and consultants in microbiology, aromatherapy and organic chemistry who specialise in organic and natural ingredients so the result is a beautiful range of products that naturally restores and maintains the skin’s optimum health.”

F: Tell us more about a custom skincare regimen and why it is  so important for us to adopt it.

B: “A custom skincare routine lets you make your own choices. We really wanted to create this brand whereby each product can be a standalone hero product but also work great with other products in the range and with products from other brands. You can customise your own routine no matter how your skincare needs change throughout the day or month.”

F: That’s a very modern way to go about it! Is that what you had in  mind when you say Skin Regimen is a “modern skincare brand”?

B: “To be a modern brand is to listen  to our consumers, be extremely high tech, transparent and able to deliver on our claims because the modern consumer is savvy and informed. We always look at our consumers to make sure we’re addressing their needs.”

F: In terms of city living, what do  you think is the biggest hazard facing our skin today?

B: “Pollution and stress. Some pollutants are small enough to penetrate our pores, and that means they can get into our bodies and intoxicate our skin. We want to give your skin the proper defense to fight that. I consider stress  to be a pollutant as well. You may think that stress has no impact on your skin, but it does! Your skin physically looks different when you’re going through a stressful situation.”

F: How does stress affect our skin?

B: “When you’re stressed, your body limits the blood flow to parts that aren’t necessary for dealing with the danger. Instead of sending blood to your skin,  it may drive it to your muscles so that they can react faster. It’s this lack of blood and oxygen in your skin that’s going to have an impact on it – it’ll look duller and it won’t regenerate as fast.”

F: In your presentation, you mentioned that Skin Regimen helped reduce stress levels. How so?

B: “We had a stress physiologist ask a group of participants to use the Microalgae Essence and Tripeptide Cream for 28 days. A placebo group did the same with other unscented products. The group that used Skin Regimen products showed a decrease of the stress hormone (cortisol) levels in their saliva when tested. They were also more confident and calmer in an intense interview! We think the cooling texture and aroma of the products really made  a difference.”

Skin Regimen products are available for purchase online and at their retail counter in One Utama. All photos by Skin Regimen. From the print edition.