SK-II Kick-Starts Its #OneBottleAwayFrom Campaign

You’ve probably heard of the iconic Facial Treatment Essence from SK-II but are you convinced how effective a single bottle can be for your skin? These celebs are here to share their journey with you. 

Photography: SK-II

The brand announced earlier this month that it has partnered with three celebrities from different parts of the world to share their skin transformation journeys in the #OneBottleAwayFrom campaign, featuring the iconic Facial Treatment Essence.

A skincare regimen can be a pretty personal thing, yet these three ladies – supermodel Behati Prinsloo Levine, singer Choi Soo Young from K-pop group Girls Generation (SNSD) and up-and-coming Chinese actress Li Qin – are bringing us on this journey to share their experiences of using this elixir to prepare for their next big moment in the spotlight, whether it’s a TV appearance, a role on a TV series or a blockbuster period drama.

As a brand that thrives on staying at the forefront of digital storytelling, we are thrilled to be partnering with Behati, Soo Young and Li Qin on this new campaign. These three talented personalities not only have a great relationship with their fans but more importantly, bring authenticity to their content with their unique voice on social media. We are excited to join them as they embark on their special #OneBottleAwayFrom journey of skin transformation in preparation for their next spotlight moment – Sandeep Seth, Marketing Director of SK-II (Global) 

Here’s a little sneak peek of what to expect: 


SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence contains over 50 micro-nutrients that help condition the skin, lock in moisture while soothing it from external aggressors such as UV and pollution. It is made up of 90 per cent  Pitera (the highest concentration in any SK-II product!), along with vitamins, amino acids and minerals to transform the skin. Once you’re through with just one bottle, expect your wrinkles reduced, smoother textures, lightened spots and improved firmness and radiance! It’s just one bottle away!