Shine Bright With Laneige’s Limited Edition Sparkle My Way x Kim GunJoo Collection

No reason not to sparkle now!

We all have our own unique traits that separate us from each other. From personalities and quirky habits, right down to beauty routines and favourite jewellery, it all makes us who we are and should be celebrated at all times. One way to do it is simply by looking at Laneige’s limited edition Sparkle My Way x Kim GunJoo collection every morning!

With the brand’s annual Laneige Meets Fashion project this year, Laneige diverts slightly to introduce the Sparkle My Way collection, collaborating with Kim GunJoo, a South Korean visual artist who presents his work through drawings and patterns. A unique artist himself, he creates diverse and charming artwork as seen on the packaging of Laneige’s new range.

The collection is built around Laneige’s beauty concept, Sparkling Beauty, which celebrates the glimmering individuality of every woman and that with a little bit more sparkle, she will shine even brighter! Kim GunJoo saw that and turned it into a lively, free-spirited design of sparkling stars in blue, white and yellow against a sky blue and pink background – representing the colours of the Water Bank and Fresh Calming collections. The whole look just exudes a powerful and joyous vibe making us feel even more confident than before! Scroll down to check out the exciting new range.

Water Bank Hydro Essence, RM179

Fresh Calming Balancing Toner, RM120

Fresh Calming Quick Morning Mask, RM115

Pore Control BB Cushion, RM155

Whitening BB Cushion, RM155

Stained Glasstick in Red Spinel, RM85

Stained Glasstick in Pink Sapphire, RM85