Set The Mood Of The New Year With Bold Hair Colours Based On Your Zodiac Sign!

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New hair, who’s this?

The New Year brings loads of new beginnings, so it’s only fitting to step through those doors with a fresh image. It can be anything simple from a wardrobe upgrade to something a lot more daring like a new hair colour! And if your New Year’s resolution is to be bold and take more risks, then we’ve got just what you need based on your zodiac sign.

Shiseido Professional has just launched the Colormuse by Primience, a highly vivid direct-dye colour system consisting of 12 gorgeous shades that’s specially developed for Asian hair. The best part is that the formula is totally inter-mixable,  letting you create any colour you desire! And if you’re the type who loves changing it up every once in a while, the Exclusive Color Remover lets you change colours easily with minimal damage. Then, keep the colour on for longer with the Color Shampoo and Treatment home care to restore pigments for longer lasting hair colour.

Luck is on your side this year as Shiseido Professional carefully matched each colour based on your zodiac sign. Use it on its own or mix it with them with another colour if you like – the choice is yours. Go ahead and click through to find your shade!

*Images are for illustration purposes only and final hair colour varies for each individual
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