This Is Sephora’s Hottest Lip Trend Of The Year

“And her lips are like the galaxy’s edge
And her kiss the colour of a constellation falling into place.”
– Arctic Monkeys, Arabella

Galactic lips. That’s what Sephora’s calling the hottest lip trend of 2017. The shimmering, glittering, glossy-as-glass lips of an alien princess in every shade in the universe. It’s a multi-dimensional, attention-grabbing look that pays homage to one of my favourite things: space.

Photo: Tumblr

It looks complex, but there’s really only 3 layers going on, as Sephora’s resident makeup artists were happy to demonstrate at the preview of their Fall launches.

First, the base: apply your favourite lip product in any shade you like. This layer forms the base of your whole look. You’ll be putting stuff on top of it, so pick one that  dries down and won’t move around. Anis, the lovely Sephora beauty consultant from Starhill who was doing my lips, picked Sephora’s own Cream Lip Stain in a bright bold orange-y red.  

Next comes the glitter. Now here’s where you can go really wild! You can choose literally any finish you like– glitter in any colour, sequins, loose pigment, or even a metallic or duo-chrome eyeshadow. Just remember to pick a colour that stands out against your base colour.

Now, the gloss. Bur first, Anis showed me a trick that blew my mind. She patted on a thin layer of face primer to seal in the glitter! And sure enough, they stayed put while she slicked on a good amount of clear gloss.  For extra dimension, line shade in the corners of your lips with a lip pencil in a darker shade to create depth.

P.S. You can (and should) use one of the many holographic lip toppers that are gonna hit Sephora shelves in the upcoming months. Like these:

BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Glow Gloss

BECCA Liquid Crystal Lip Topper Glow Gloss, in Sephora stores soon!

Remenber: base, glitter, gloss. And there you go! Ready to conquer the universe.


The beauty of the galactic lip look is its versatility. It can be as bold or as subtle as you like. If you want something truly out of this world, or a little more down to earth, all you have to do is adjust your colours and finishes.

Like if the ultra-glossy look just isn’t your thing, you can wear it matte by skipping the gloss like our beauty writer Ilicia did. By layering a satin metallic champagne shadow over a dusty rose liquid lip, she got this beautiful rose champagne look! Sweet, with a slight space-age edge thanks to the metallic sheen of the shadow.

Go on: wear the stars on your lips.

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