REVIEW: FEMALE tests the new CHANEL Blue Serum

The Chanel Blue Serum is a simple product with a simple promise. Watch this:

So, what the Chanel Blue Serum promises is skin longevity. It’s not about anti-ageing anymore, folks. The scientists at Chanel look at three things before defining if your skin is “great”! And these are: how many and how deep your wrinkles are, the firmness of your skin and the evenness of your skin tone. So, if we go by what they say, people with fewer wrinkles, firmer skin and an even complexion have good skin. Skin with longevity. Skin that’s healthy.

The review:

But does it deliver? I decided to put it to the test. I tried it twice a day, every day for two to three weeks. My skin had been looking dull and tired before that, and I wanted something simple to use that would improve it. I’m used two small drops all over my face and neck.

I used two small drops all over my face and neck. I used just the Blue Serum, with a sunblock during the day, and just the Blue Serum with a moisturiser at night (but you can use it without a moisturiser if you have oily skin, especially in humid Malaysia).

The result? My skin became clearer (my pigmentation seemed to reduce and my skin was more even-toned) and ‘fresher’ looking (like I’d been getting more than eight hours of sleep every night.

The best result was this: I’d been wanting to review an article we did about going makeup free for a certain amount of time. So I did, after my three week Blue Serum test ended. I went completely foundation-free, blusher-free, powder-free, no complexion makeup products at all. I only used skincare (cleanser, toner, sunblock and moisturiser), a light stroke of mascara and some lip balm.

My skin without any makeup looked just as good as my skin with makeup. I think even better because I had a bit a of a glow! It’s so liberating that I think I’m going to keep going makeup-free for a while longer! I just need to buy another bottle of Chanel Blue Serum


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