Remember These 3 Things Before Buying Your Next Dry Shampoo

It’s all in the ingredients!

Whether you’ve got an oily scalp that demands a daily cleanse, thick and frizzy hair that forbids it or just have absolutely no time to get it washed, a dry shampoo is your secret weapon to get you through the day (or week!). To be sure we’re using a safe and highly beneficial one, we spoke to Emmanuelle Ruellan, International Marketing Manager of Klorane to make sure we know what to look for before getting our hands on our next one!

Odour makes a difference

If you’re using a dry shampoo with strong scents or may have accidentally sprayed too much, you may be hit with a bad case of headaches or sinusitis. Try using one that consist of a gentle formula that isn’t harsh on the scalp and doesn’t fight the smell of your perfume.

Active ingredients are important

Be sure that your dry shampoo includes active ingredients and not just silicones and rice starch so that it suits your scalp no matter what type it is. For instance, Klorane’s famous dry shampoo contains oat milk (among other botanical ingredients) that’s organically harvested to help to soothe the scalp whether you’ve got normal to oily hair.

Opt for a natural formula

If you’re frequently using a dry shampoo, it’s better to use one that’s naturally formulated. Emmanuelle explains that by using Klorane’s dry shampoo in between washes with her greasy scalp, she’s able to keep it clean and healthy without stripping away the natural oils.

Klorane is the best-selling hair-care brand in European pharmacies specialising in natural and botanical ingredients from France and across the globe. And if you’re all about using natural products, you’ll be happy to know that they’ve recently launched in Malaysia! Check out Klorane’s best-selling Oat Milk range and its award-winning dry shampoo below.




Klorane is sold exclusively at selected Watsons Malaysia outlets and Watsons Malaysia e-commerce store.

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