This Plus-Size Commercial Empowers #BodyPositivity

You better work it, ladies!


Plus-size people have always been scrutinized and an easy target for bullies, as much as you’d like to look pass it but we’ve been raised to think the stigma of if you’re bigger than a certain standard size, you are considered unattractive.


So, when is this body-shaming and negative response of certain body types other than slim ends? We don’t know, but we do know if to uplift the non-commercial body types and sizes into a brighter light in order to have a more positive impact in the society and American retail brand did just that.

JCPenney’s latest ad campaign for their plus-size clothing line, “Here I Am,” is what every fat girl needs (Yes, and there’s nothing wrong with being one). The video features kick-ass hotties such as Gabi Fresh, Valerie Sagun, Jes Baker, Mary Lambert, and Ashley Nell Tipton, the Project Runway champ who is now designing clothes for the store. So. Much. Win.

Heads-up, clothing companies, this is how you sell plus-size clothes, and also, we think it’s time for retail brands to widen their sizing range and have more plus-size models to represent. There is a market for plus-size. Do your research. (And Malaysia, when is our turn?)

One woman even commented under the YouTube video, “brilliant. wish i had had this movement when I was younger..but it is never too late. age 55 and size 22 and I adore clothes and make up. and i couldn’t care less now what anyone thinks of me now.” Yes, ma’am!

To add more #BodyPositivity on this post, here’s a video from Buzzfeed telling the norms that plus-size girls can equally kill it same as the the average standard body types.

Look at these beautiful curvy girls. So much confidence. So much slayage.