This Dior Scent Will Remind You Of Love

An icon is reinvented with an enhanced scent and allure. Get to know the new Miss Dior here.

What is your name?
“Miss Dior.”

When were you born?
“You should never ask a woman her age… but anyway, you know that I was born in 1947!”

Tell us where?
“I was born on one of those Provençal evenings, alive with fireflies, where the air was fragrant with the scent of Grasse flowers. I was born out of the imagination of an incredibly talented and kind man, who wanted to dress women in the scent of desire, and, above all, make them happy. I was born after the gloomy war years, like a kiss that heals a wound. I was, quite simply, born to love, and to be loved.”

You don’t look your age…
“I know.”

What’s your secret?
“My waist is slender for it is often embraced. My lips are pink for they are often kissed. My skin is bare to be admired. When all is said and done, I am made for love. Know this: my youth is eternal; I will never grow old!”

Who are you thinking of?
“Of the man who created me, of course! He was the one who wanted me to be beautiful and exuberant, lively and alluring. Some people say that his genius New Look was indecent and that my skirts flew up too high. They also said that my scent was too flowery, too seductive, and goodness knows what else! But I didn’t care – and I still don’t. I have always been confident and rebellious. In fact, I’m a lot like his sister Catherine, who was an extraordinarily courageous woman. I often think of her; today’s adventurous girls would have liked her so much.”

Christian Dior

Has your scent changed?
“Yes, of course. It has experienced many revolutions, followed changing moods, and captured many hearts. Today, it resembles me more than ever. It’s a made-to-measure couture perfume, a wild rose that clings and caresses, and a sensual scent that you will not be able to resist. It is an ode to love reinvented today just for me, by a man of the South who adores women.”

Miss Dior, will you marry me?
“Don’t even think about it. I have my whole life ahead.”


The Evolution Of An Icon


A signature to many, the Miss Dior exudes a feminine allure that takes you in at first scent. This time around, master perfumer François Demachy gives it an update with new and livelier green notes and a dash of blood orange. As Christian Dior said about his original scent in 1947, each note is a declaration of love. The scent opens with a citrus burst of Calabrian bergamot that melts into a sensual Grasse rose absolute, the beating feminine heart of the new Miss Dior. In the base, vivid Guyana rosewood and pink peppercorn notes leave a warm and enticing.

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