Scented Pressies For Your Loved Ones

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Scratching your head on what to get your family this holiday season? Here’s why you should add perfumes to the list. 


Photography: Leaf


Buying gifts for loved ones can be daunting cos you never want to choose something impractical that will be shelved, which is why perfumes are probably the best way to go. Everyone needs one (even if some say they don’t, they actually do!). However, scents are personal as they sum up one’s personality, so we’ve narrowed down a few for you to choose from!

For your BFF 

Want something just as pretty on the inside and out just like your bestie? Well, this sweet-fruity aroma of pomelo and raspberry wrapped with a woody base sums up a fun yet level-headed person. Perfect for your bestie!


Anna Sui Fantasia EDT 50ml, RM276

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