Go On A Journey Of Scent With Diptyque’s Candle Pairs

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Diptyque invites you on a journey of the senses.

What if I told you that there was a way to immediately evoke any destination or image you like? Like a magic carpet ride in your mind.

Yes, you could do it through writing, reading or looking at photos and maybe even put on some ambient background sounds, but nothing can really transport you to a place like scent. The evocative power of scent is something that has always fascinated me, whether it’s through perfume or something more atmospheric like a scented candle. Fragrance is so powerful, all it takes to bring memories – real or imagined – flooding back is a single scent.

I’m not alone in my fascination: Diptyque understands how to reveal the olfactory richness of raw materials, and faithfully reproduce many scents of a dreamed about. For years they have blended richly evocative fragrances, and now they want to put that power in your hands.  By combining any two (or more!) of their scented candles, everyone can “create an atmosphere or rediscover, in a particular fragrance, the emotions of a cherished memory,”  the brand says.

Did you know? Diptyque’s first ever candles created in 1963 – Hawthorn, Cinnamon and Tea – were designed to be paired at leisure!

So try your hand at the art of scent blending to compose your own own olfactory landscape. With Diptyque’s vast palette of nearly 50 different candles, that’s over 1000 different possible pairs, and even more if you create a blend of more than two candles.

Your imagination is the limit, but just to get you started, here are a few of my favourite Diptyque candle pairings:

1. Lys & Narguilé: An Eastern Garden

Diptyque’s newest candle scents: Lys, a bouquet of fresh-cut white liles and Narguilé, honeyed tobacco that together conjure the languid alluring image of relaxing in an Eastern garden at dusk.

*This duo is also available in a limited edition box set decorated with the art of the House of Pierre Frey.

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