How To Choose The Perfect Workplace Perfume

Picking the right scent for the office is important!

While perfumes can feel essential to finish your daily look, in an enclosed crowded space like your office where you’re often shoulder-to-shoulder with your colleagues, a little bit of scent goes a long way.

In fact, some offices overseas even have solicited for a scent-free workplace in consideration of employees with allergies or aversions to strong scents! Although there aren’t any bans like that here in Malaysia, it’s still important to choose your scent wisely so as not to annoy or overpower people around you. Here’s how.

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1. Lighter perfumes won’t create throws of scent (or to use a perfumer’s term, sillage) that extends past arm’s length. If your perfume feels like it’s overpowering you in a small place like a lift, then skip it. Nobody wants to be subject to a perfume that announces itself even before its wearer!

2. Don’t layer perfumes! Besides being a waste of precious scent, chances are the two scents combined will be more overwhelming than a single one combined.

3. Use less perfume than you’ll think you’ll need– two spritzes at the most. Never drench yourself head-to-toe in perfume.

4. Choose eau de toilette or body sprays over eau de parfum, which contains a higher concentration of perfume oil for a heavier scent with stronger throw. Or go for perfume oil or solid perfume, which will stick close to skin without the alcohol that helps it adhere to clothes.

5. If in doubt, choose perfumes with low-sillage notes like light citrus or soft musks that cling close to skin.  Avoid heavy, smoky, incense-rich notes that can be cloying in close proximity and save them for a hot date instead.

Adapted from the print edition.