6 More Adventurous Ways To Wear Perfume

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When it comes to perfume, we all have our own favourite ways of wearing it. How many sprays, where you spray it, and so on. But whether you’re a neck or wrist spritzer, we still want the same things out of our perfume– for it to last as long as possible and keep us smelling good. If that’s true for you too, check out these 7 other interesting ways to wear your perfume that’s sure to bring a smile to your face!

Photo: Unsplash

1. You’ll often hear that pulse points such as the wrists, chest and back of the knees are popular spots for applying perfume because the blood is closer to the surface on those areas, causing skin to be warmer and thus letting the scent diffuse easily. That’s true to a degree, but if perfume on your wrists will easily wear off from all the typing or just washing your hands. Same goes for the back of your knees when you sit.

Try the pulse points on the back of your ears, throat, nape of your neck, and even the insides of your elbows for longer lasting fragrance.

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