Paco Rabanne Unveils Its All New MILLION X PAC-MAN™ Collector Edition Fragrances

If you’re a die-hard fan of the iconic maze arcade game Pac-Man and love all things gold, Paco Rabanne’s all-new collector edition fragrances are must-haves for your fragrance collection.

Boasting a striking reflective gold and matte black set up, the MILLION X PAC-MAN™ pop store at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is sure to make shoppers stop and admire!

It was a gold studded affair at the launch of the brand’s two new collector editions, 1 Million and Lady Million, at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur that saw the attendance of Andre Amir, Mark O’Dea, Lucas Lau, Rubini Sambanthan, Nia Atasha and Nigel Chin. All the special guests were seen trying their hands at the retro-game of Pac-Man for a crazy, diabolical chase through a golden maze on the arcade booth set up by the brand.

The world certainly got no less than what Paco Rabanne promised when it began its adventure in the world of fragrances. This is why when the flamboyant 1 Million and Lady Million with a penchant for playing meet the Pac-Man, the most playful and momentous collaboration was born.

1 MILLION PAC-MAN™ Collector (100ml), RM350

LADY MILLION PAC-MAN™ Collector (80ml), RM425

The original fragrance, 1 Million, exudes a scent of an intoxicating trail of spiced leather coupled with a unique amber ketal signature scent. On the other hand, the Lady Million is the ideal choice for floral-scent lovers, composing of a fresh, sensual white floral with a honey-patchouli accord.

The MILLION X PAC-MAN™ pop-up store is open to the public from now to July 31, 2019 at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Level 3 Fashion Avenue. Not only can customers purchase the collector fragrances at the venue, but they can also try their hands on the classic retro Pac-Man game on the arcade machine. The game will see players worldwide compete for the highest score for a chance to win a trip to Tokyo to experience the ultimate world of games.

Both fragrances are available at the MILLION X PAC-MAN™ pop-up store and key leading departmental stores nationwide. Head over to Paco Rabanne’s website for more information about the collector edition fragrances.

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