Does One Really Need A Day And Night Cream? Here’s What The Expert Says

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In a world where you’re bombarded with new ways to care for our skin daily, it can be hard to pick out the best moisturiser for your needs. FEMALE spoke to Eric Gooris, head of Clarins Laboratories, to get to the bottom of your skin dilemmas. We’ve picked out the top four questions our readers are dying to know about achieving, maintaining and some myths on moisturising our skin.

Q: A day and a night cream: do I really need two moisturisers?

A: “Well, your skin won’t be harmed by using a night cream during the day or a day cream at night. However, night creams tend to be thicker, which can make skin look greasy during the day. Also, certain anti-aging ingredients found in night creams, such as retinol, are broken down by ultraviolet rays and won’t be as effective in the sun.”

Q: I have oily skin. Should I forgo moisturisers?

A: “Dry, humid and cold climates tell on all skin types – even oily skin. Without added protection, barrier function (which keeps pollution and other damaging elements out and moisture in) gets compromised. If your skin is super-oily, you can get by with a gel cream or lotion formula. For combination skin, use different moisturisers on different areas – a light formula for your T-zone and a richer one for cheeks that get dry, patchy spots.”

Q: What ingredients should I avoid for sensitive skin?

A: “If you have very dry, sensitive skin, it is best to avoid products containing alcohol, such as alcohol-based toners or cleansers, and go easy on exfoliation. Soaps dry the skin out too, so choose soap-free cleansing products that are formulated for dry skin.”

Q: ” The thicker the cream, the better it hydrates. True?

A: Concentrated doesn’t mean equal optimum hydration,” says Eric. “An overdose of lipids can actually trap dead cells and leave skin looking duller. Layer serum under cream to boost moisture as serums are lighter and have super-concentrated ingredients that are ideal for absorption; creating that perfect base to layer on your other skincare or makeup.”

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Taken from print. Original text by Pheobe Ong.


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