The One Product You Need For Insta-Worthy Bold Brows! | #FEMALEEXPRESSBEAUTY

If eyes are the windows to your soul than your brows are the frames that complete ’em. If you’re not blessed with godsend eyebrows like Lily Collins or our new brow goddess, Natalia Calvani – simply do this brow hack to get that bold Instagram brow look.

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The key product to use here isn’t just your eyebrow kit but a primer. Even a regular face primer will do the  trick! You will see that primer helps to intensify the colour and it makes your glammed-up brows last through out the day. Plus it’s super easy to do, it won’t even take any of your time!

Here’s how:

Step 1: Squeeze out just enough primer to cover one brow at a time. Using your finger, coat the whole brow.

Step 2: Before the primer sets, take an eyeshadow colour a shade lighter or similar as your natural brow hair, fill and shape ’em as per usual.

Literally, you’re done!

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