My Favourite Bits From Guardian Malaysia’s Wellness Retreat

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Here’s to Guardian and 51 years of health and beauty!

It’s sad to know that Guardian Malaysia’s month-long sale is ending; I wish it would be here for much longer! I bet you’ve celebrated along with them and hauled your way through cult-favourite selections. There’s no better way to cheer for 51 years than a big sale, that’s for sure. It’s the best time to stock up and try out goodies!

Since Guardian has always been passionate about everything health and beauty, this time the drugstore has extended its bash in the form of a wellness retreat too!

Us (plus Joanna Soh) by the calming Philea Resort and Spa poolside.

I was among the selected ones to leave my work desk for a while to enjoy the beautiful Philea Resort and Spa. The stay was refreshing and I even had the chance to experience Encore Melaka, which was awesome. Guardian shared their latest treats during our short retreat too. Slide through for highlights!

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